Laying and preparation service
On demand we see to the lay and preparation of the surfaces; after an adeguate preparation of the bed, very skilled and expert teams perfectly lay the double mantle of artificial grass Wonderful Lawn.

On-line photo service
If you send a photo of the green area to embellish with our Wonderful Lawn to the following address, highly skilled technicians, thanks to the use of photo-shop, will offer you the opportunity to receive free, within one day, the modified picture of the area, so that you can see in advance the final result obtained using our products.

On-line laying plan service
Those who decide to lay by themselves our Wonderful Lawn, will receive from our technical office exact information about the way how to obtain the best result by cutting and joining the clothes; and not only ...

 if they send just a sketch of the area to emblellish, to the address, we will tell them the exact quantity of the needed materials and how to use it.