The particular anti-abrasive fibre of multicolour extruded polyethylene LD ENDURING-GRASS® used
for the production of the double mantle of artificial grass Wonderful Lawn®, result of long researches in our laboratories and of a production process endowed with the most advanced technologies, is able to maintain its original shape that it does not lose even after a lot of years of correct use.

More over a special additive, a UV protecting agent, is mixed during the thread extrusion process. This allows to improve the resistance to the polluting atmospheric agents and to neutralize the damaging effects of the ultra violet rays. This UV protecting agent has the ability to protect the high quality polymer, the fibre ENDURING-GRASS® is produced with, allowing a smaller consumption of the same; the colour is completely preserved for a longer period and the fibre is protected against the aggression of chemical agents present in the atmosphere of all our industrialized cities,
and also against the aggression of the chlorine and the brackish. According to the results of the tests carried out in the laboratories of some university scientific faculties,
the fibre ENDURING-GRASS® doesn't wear out very quickly, it doesn't break away from the base, it staysperfectly erect also after 12 years of correct use and its colour remains unchanged.

The construction of the support is composed by:
-three-layer-structure: Thioback 165 grs / sqm. polypropylene, to allow an exceptional dimensional stability.
-mix of polyurethane and rubber latexes, extremely heavy (1 kg / sqm.), and uniform, it has the purpose to firmly hold the fibre seams.

It is the essential base that confers to the double mantle of artificial grass Wonderful Lawn® a great dimensional stability, resistance to any tear and to the alterations that can be produced by the movements of those who walk on it impetuously. This particular support has been studied to guarantee a better quality of the final product.

The double mantle of artificial grass Wonderful Lawn® , in fibre ENDURING-GRASS®, represents the best product that the today's advanced technologies and industrial studies in the world are able to produce as solid and concrete alternative to the lawns of natural grass: that is lawns with artificial grass.


*Natural evergreen aspect, guaranteed 12 years for the absolute resistance to the action of UV rays.
* Perfect drainage.
* Laying on any plain or hilly area.
* You can walk on it without any problem.