Self -locking carriage way s fitted with a pad Wonderful LawnŽ, allow to create an evergreen surface, indestructible, suitable for the transit of any kind of vehicles, or even for the pa rking of vehicles, caravans and campers and the landing of helicopters, with no need to sow and sow aga in i n those areas where generally grass never grows or if it does, it soon yellow s o r fills with wee ds, giving are ally depressing view.
  • "Picchio", in resistant plastic material, fitted with a Wonderful LawnŽ pad, draining and with no maintenance need, is suitable for every kind of concrete carriageway already laid.
  • "Cubotto", in resistant plastic material, equipped with Wonderful LawnŽ, has been designed to be inserted into the empty alveoli of the self-locking carriageways in concrete.
White, light blue or yellow flags can be inserted into the alveoli, to mark the single spaces reserved for individual parking, for restricted areas or for payment parking; red to contribute to create decorations and writings.