Evergreen Collar

For round and square pots
For pickets and street lamps
For tall trees

Evergreen CollarŽ Wonderful LawnŽ Collar cut into predetermined size to be adapted to any kind of round and square flowerpot. Its function is to prevent the growth of weeds inside the flowerpot and, thanks to a special "sponge", to maintain the humidity of the soil for a long time. Outside it protects the roots of potted plants against the rigors of winter.

Evergreen CollarŽ Wonderful LawnŽ for pickets It is an intelligent proposal to use artificial grass of new generation to lay on the base of luminous poles and pickets fixed in fields of natural grass, to keep the area around the bases of the poles and stakes always free from weeds and to avoid the damaging of the tools and the lamp support.

Evergreen CollarŽ Wonderful LawnŽ for tall trees Large collar to lay on the basis of trunks of tall trees, to overcome the inevitable lack of natural grass and to keep the area always green, well maintained and free of weeds.